We have over two decades of experience in web design & development, using the latest cutting edge technology and fresh, modern graphics.


A complete rebrand for the new website or incorporate existing branding into theme.


Create Online Support System management using a third party plugin or app.


Build e-commerce system management with OpenCart or WooCommerce.


Full user interface and user experience redesign with multi-pages system.


Adapted to mobile application and available for IOS and Android.

RECENT WEB projects:

pampapanda.com website

www.pampapanda.com – an e-commerce site selling fair trade wellness products, built on WordPress with WooCommerce system, full web design and back end development. This project is in ongoing development and features Divi Editor Tool.  With online chat system, blog feature.



www.matchcars2u.co.uk – a fully responsive website for a car dealership built on WordPress with front end design and development.  Features Divi Editor Tool. With a Classifieds Ad Section customised for the client.


happy dragon cbd website

www.happydragoncbd.com – a fully responsive e-commerce site developed on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration and product database creation.  Designed for ease of use for customers and also for site owner to easily edit and change pages using the brilliant DIVI editor, that is included FREE.  We have specialist payment providers on board for easy integration of online payment options for all e-commerce sites that we build.

www.evademarchi.co.uk – a clean, fully responsive design for a simple, professional Psychotherapist’s information site with contact form and search. Includes the Divi Editor Tool for fast, easy updates.

www.just-be.co.uk – we created this website for a Community Interest Company.  It is fully responsive for mobile, with vibrant, bold graphics.  We included a Community Forum, Member Registration, Newsletter signup, Contact Form, and integrated Events Calendar. Also, includes the Divi Editor Tool for fast, easy updates.

www.wizhez.com – a full e-commerce site selling unique greeting cards, art, books and gifts, including AR and 3D designs, that was built upon WordPress and Woocommerce system. The site has a huge database with over a thousand products, with specific app plugins for a wide variety of functions, eg. personalisation, print on demand.

www.happydragonvaping.com – this project is a  full e-commerce site that was built upon the OpenCart system.  Full database design and implemenation, user interface design, full front end web design & back end development. This site is currently under review for redevelopment.


Take a peek at some of the sites below that we are currently working on – even though there is no such thing as a ‘finished’ website as they grow and change with time, some are less ready for the world than others!  You can see how the progress goes on these projects in real time – just come back and check what’s new!

Hypar.co.uk website

www.hypar.co.uk – a fully responsive e-commerce marketplace website currently being built on WordPress with front end design and development.  Features Divi Editor Tool for super easy updates and Multi Vendor Market Place with full front end Dashboard for Vendors, automated payments, Print On Demand integrations, Forum, Online Live Chat System, and an integrated AR 3D Web Art View feature.

www.zeroreality.co.uk – a fully responsive website currently being built on WordPress with front end design and development.  Features Divi Editor Tool.

www.qrisis.co.uk – an e-commerce site built on WordPress with WooCommerce system, full web design and back end development. This project is in ongoing development.  Features Divi Editor Tool.

What we believe about Web Design

We consider both the aesthetics and the function of your website to be of equal importance!

Our Web Design & Development projects are great examples of how we keep your interests in mind by creating unique visual elements.

We know what it means to give each project the personalised attention it deserves.  We always strive to deliver state-of-the-art designs that bring your vision to life.

We have a passion for what we do, and we believe it shows!  We create beautiful, responsive, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, e-commerce and WordPress websites that are easy to navigate and reliable.

Your customers deserve a satisfying e-commerce experience and we help to deliver that.  With over two decades of web design & development experience, we have witnessed the dramatic and dynamic changes in how e-commerce is delivered.  In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, your brand needs to both stand out and be memorable.

We consider both the aesthetics and the function of your website to be of equal importance.  You have only three seconds to attract a new visitor to be interested enough to stay…


…and only slightly longer to keep them interested to remain on your site long enough to complete that all important transaction.  

If your site is clean, responsive, easy to navigate and professionally designed together with great products and valuable content, you stand a much better chance of converting your visitor to both a paying and returning customer.


Why you should use us

We have over two decades of experience in designing and developing for the web, using cutting edge technology and fresh, modern graphics.


You have less than 3 seconds to attract the attention of your online audience, before they leave and go to your competitors!


The look and feel of your website will be visually attractive to immediately engage your audience.


Website content will be both relevant and engaging to keep visitors’ interest and encourage them to return.


Regular updates implemented for fresh content, essential to keep your audience interested and also helps positively in your positioning on Google and other major search engines.


Your new website will be a responsive design which simply means it will work equally well across PC/MAC, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms.


We use cutting edge technology and fresh modern graphics which combine together to create a dynamic and adaptable website to cater for your audience. Fully optimised pages and images means faster load times and a better user experience.


client satisfaction


We will design and create your WordPress site, and include the Divi Editor FREE for you which will allow for the easiest editing and updating you have ever experienced and will change how you edit your website forever!


We give you a FREE custom video to teach you how to update your new site, and keep everything fresh and working.  We offer support and advice before, during and after your website creation to ensure you are completely happy.

Expert Services

With our wealth of experience and skills, you can be sure of a professional service that is creatively delivered on time and within budget.


Mobile and Responsive Web Design with clean, modern and effective interfaces that deliver a great user experience!


Using the latest technologies, we can give your business the necessary competitive edge to succeed in an evergrowing online marketplace.

Web Master

Let us manage your site, including security and backups, all updates to plugins and other systems, save time!


Reach wider markets with your brand and sell more.  Integrations with popular email marketing apps like MailChimp, etc.


Gain the competitive advantage of a first place position on Google and other major search engines.  Full on page optimisation and SEO service.


Sell your product or service online 24/7 and reach global markets effectively.  Popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and OpenCart.


We create amazing WordPress websites that are fully responsive and very easy for you to edit, change text & images directly on the page!



Use Social Media channels to promote your brand and sell more products to a wider targeted audience.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & more.


Full rebranding to enable your business to stand out from your competitors and remain memorable in an ever growing global marketplace

Our Process

A simple four stage design and development process, so you can see where your site is at during any stage of its design.


  • This includes all pre-design work, client consultations, setting up of domain & hosting (if required).
  • preparation of Site Map & pre-design Wire Frames.
  • Decision on site theme, colour scheme, favicon.
  • Gathering/creation of content, (copy text, information, images, multimedia: audio, video and animation, etc.



  • Responsive design that automatically adapts the layout to the user’s device
  • Navigation Systems, Information Architecture, streamlined user experience.
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
  • Database integration
  • E-Commerce Design.
  • Web Technologies: PHP, Javascript, etc.


  • Payment modules will be integrated within selected Shopping Cart System.
  • Database integration and testing. Link testing on all pages.
  • Site optimisation for organic search. Implementation of Support Module.
  • Integration of system and upload of all files to live server.



  • User testing, proofing, SEO test for optimisation in search engines.
  • Meta data to ensure high organic ranking in Google.
  • Test e-commerce purchases will be performed.
  • Test for performance  in a variety of modern browsers
  • Testing platforms: PC, Mac, iphone, Android, etc.


We offer various Web Design & Development packages with add-ons so you can create exactly what you need and to budget.


A selection of some of the most popular WordPress PlugIns that you can add to your site.  There are thousands more, just ask us!

*starred plugins are automatically included FREE with all our Web Design Packages.


Add attractively designed forums to your site to encourage user engagement, create online communities, create discussion forums, Q&A forums, and more.

Number one WordPress forum plugin. Full-fledged forum solution.

bbPress is forum software, made the WordPress way.


Add Reviews to your site, let users leave comments and reviews on your products or services, increase trust and transparency.

ultimate reviews plugin

Best review plugin. Let visitors submit reviews and display them via shortcode or widget.


Add an interactive Events Calendar to your site to promote your event, allow users to book, integrates seamlessly into your existing design.

events calendar plugin

The Events Calendar is a carefully crafted, extensible plugin that lets you easily manage and share events. Beautiful. Solid. Awesome.


Add Ultimate Members plugin to allow greater control over users and what they can do on site, allow users to have their own profile page, and use the forums and other areas.  With automatic registration and e-mail confirmation. Membership Approvals.

The #1 user profile & membership plugin for WordPress.


Add instant integration with your MailChimp account.  For newsletters and more.  Capture opt-in email addresses for your list.

mailchimp for wordpress plugin

Mailchimp for WordPress, the #1 Mailchimp plugin.


Add a live feed to your Instagram account directly on your site.

instagram wp plugin

Display beautifully clean, customisable, and responsive feeds from multiple Instagram accounts


Embed your YouTube videos directly on the page.  Link to your other videos, channel and more.

youtube wp plugin

YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, playlist gallery, or YouTube.com live stream (with GDPR options)


Embed PDF's directly in your pages and posts.

pdf embed wp plugin

Embed PDFs straight into your posts and pages, with intelligent resizing of width and height. No third-party services or iframes required.





Have a feed of your recent tweets directly on your site.

twitter wp plugin

Recent Tweets Widget plugin for new Twitter API v1.1 with CACHE, so you won't be rate limited at Twitter!


(OFFICIAL tawk.to plugin) Instantly chat with visitors on your website with the tawk.to chat widget.

talk.to chat plugin


A very simple yet very effective plugin that adds a Call Now button to your mobile website…


Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to protect you and your site from malicious content.

akismet plugin


Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimised WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin


Backup and restoration made easy. Complete backups; manual or scheduled (backup to Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, e-mail + others).

updraft plus plugin


The ideal plugin for stats, related posts, search engine optimisation, social sharing, protection, backups, security and more!  Multi-use plugin - with many thousands of happy users!

jetpack plugin


We can help you today!  Let's have a conversation! Contact us now for your FREE consultation and also find out how we can transform your business so you stand out from the crowd with amazing digital print, web design and Augmented Reality technology.  We're looking forward to working with you!

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