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Augmented Reality In Online Shopping Journal – download this FREE PDF Augmented Reality Journal


Augmented Reality In Online Shopping Journal – download this FREE PDF Augmented Reality journal from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration, Transilvania University of Brasov,

An in depth look at Augmented Reality In Online Shopping


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Abstract: The Internet as a shopping and purchasing medium has become an extensively researched topic. Augmented realty, in particular, allows consumers to explore their options and make personalised changes while shopping online. Our study aims to analyse the symmetry between the attitudes towards using the traditional electronic online shopping and the electronic commerce that uses augmented reality. We also investigate the effects of personality traits and the attitudes towards the Internet on the two electronic commerce forms. Our results show that the buying intention in online shopping is significantly higher in the case of augmented reality. Our results also reveal associations between personality traits and online buying behaviours, i.e., neuroticism and the openness to experiences being associated with the willingness to buy online. On the other hand, personality traits are proved to predict buying impulsiveness, the highest weight being represented by low emotional stability and high external locus of control. Further research should also include other dimensions, such as the perceived risks associated with online purchasing, self-efficacy or anxiety  towards technology.

Keywords: augmented reality; symmetry; online shopping; buying intention


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