Print & Web Design Comes Alive with augmented reality!

Enhance Print with Sound, Music, Animation, Film & Interaction | View & Share Products with 3D AR Web!


Bring animation to static print pages & create an experience!


Add a new dimension to print with the addition of sound!


Excite your audience with your own theme tune!


Real film brings exciting visuals as pages magically come alive!


You can link to websites, email, and interact with the page!


Include games & interactive fun stuff - keep users engaged!



No more boring business cards!  Bring them to life with digital sound, music, animation, film and interaction – make your business memorable for all the right reasons.  STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD TODAY! Contact Us now to discover how we can create an experience like this for your customers!

augmented reality

Do you want to supercharge your business & stand out from the crowd?


Modern design meets cutting edge technology with AR enhanced web and print design.  Enhance print with sound, music, animation, film and interaction. We specialise in AR business cards, banners and books.  We can also create other  AR print media such as posters, flyers and brochures.

ar 3d web

We use cutting edge technology, Apple's AR Quick Look, to enable your e-commerce site with Augmented Reality. View your products in 3D and AR from within the browser, no app required, for an exciting e-commerce experience like no other!  You can even share the 3D models.

AR Greeting cards

Highly skilled and expert AR greeting card designers will work with you to create a very special product that is unique in this billion pound market. Experience amazing personalised AR Greeting Cards as they come alive with sound, music, animation, film and digital interaction.


Do you want an effective website that you can easily edit yourself?

Web Design

We offer a very fast turnaround on all web design projects.  Working with you throughout the design and development process to ensure you get the very best service and are completely satisfied with every aspect of your web design & development service.


We will: 1. survey your website content making sure it has relevant content and is updated regularly. 2. ensure that your site meets exacting standards for the best possible performance. 3. help to increase your site’s ‘authority’ = a higher ranking on search engines.


We will design & build your WordPress site and include for FREE the Divi Editor tool which will allow you to very easily make changes to your new site, such as changing text and images, and more, without having to spend more money on web designers!

creative design services

Do you want exciting content & digital media created for your business?


Original and engaging content means your brand will stand out from your competitors and be memorable.  We provide an original illustration service with both hand-drawn traditional media and digital illustration in a multitude of file types for all your needs.

Film & Animation

Great content is essential to keep customers returning.  Film and animation provides a wonderful way to engage with your audience, entertain, inform and entice.  We can produce brand new content or edit existing media in our London studio.


Graphic Design is all about Ideas, which is the basis of all good design.  Our creative process is unique and we like to look at things from a different perspective. We can carefully create everything you need for your business or project in print or digital format.

Augmented Reality Print


Greeting Card Designs

Graphic Illustrations

Film & Animation

Website Designs

Catherine Taylor BA, HNC, Dip

Catherine Taylor BA, HNC, Dip

Augmented Reality Web & Print Designer

With over two decades of experience in Graphic Design & Web Design/Development, three years as a BBC Web Engineer, eight years in print based Augmented Reality design, I have both the confidence and skills to implement small/medium to large scale design projects effectively, creatively, on time and within budget.


Jay Brooks

Jay Brooks

Senior SEO Expert

With over a decade of SEO & E-Commerce Web Development experience, I have the technical ability and industry knowledge to build e-commerce platforms and implement effective SEO strategies that gets the desired results on Google & other major search engines and fast!


Remote Staff

Remote Staff

Remote Experts

8 Remote Experts covering all areas of web design and development, from technical coding and graphic design to SEO, Google Analytics, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Fast and efficient with the technical ability to make things happen now!

  • Graphic Design 85% 85%
  • Augmented Reality Design 95% 95%
  • 3D Design 60% 60%
  • Web Design & Development 85% 85%
  • SEO 80% 80%
  • E-Commerce 60% 60%
  • Google Analytics 75% 75%
  • Web Design 45% 45%
  • E-Commerce 60% 60%
  • Web Development 75% 75%
  • Social Media 65% 65%
  • SEO 70% 70%

Let us show you how Augmented Reality technology can provide you with a new and exciting way to engage with your customers or clients. Whether you choose to enhance your e-commerce site with AR & 3D visualisations of your product range or just to upgrade your print based business cards to include digital interactivity, you will receive a service second to none that will get your business talked about for all the right reasons!

Augmented Reality

Catherine Taylor

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“Augmented Reality technology has a wealth of uses and applications... Discover how print design can be magically enhanced with Augmented Reality.”

Author: Catherine Taylor (AR Hybrid Digital/Print Innovation Designer)

Publisher: Zero Degreez


Catherine Taylor

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for iPad, iphone or Mac AVAILABLE NOW from Apple Books

I have researched Editorial Design and how the way that we read and interact with 'the page' is changing by looking at Interactive Digital Design, Print Based Augmented Reality ...

Author: Catherine Taylor (AR Hybrid Digital/Print Innovation Designer)

Publisher: Zero Degreez


  • Download the FREE Augmented Reality ZAPPAR app now from Google Play or The App Store. 
  • Open the app on your smartphone or tablet and simply scan images with the 'zapcode' on the screen or print page.
  • Digital content will magically play as if it's part of the page!  
  • Available for Android and Apple
  • Quick to install and simple to use


We can help!  Let's have a conversation! Contact us today for your FREE consultation and also find out how we can transform your business so you stand out from the crowd with amazing digital print, web design and Augmented Reality technology.  We're looking forward to working with you!

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