Apple’s new AR Quick Look Technology is a game changer when it comes to getting ahead of your competitors in e-commerce.  Giving your customers the ability to view your products in both 3D and AR means they can see exactly what they are buying – they can rotate 360° and place the product in their own environment.  All from within the browser and no app needed – so the experience is seamless!

We can provide a full service with photo realistic 3D modelling  of your e-commerce products and creation of the required .usdz files for AR Quick Look integration.

AR Quick Look from Apple works within the browser and at present is supported by iOS12 devices running Safari browser.  This will change to support other platforms and browsers in the near future.

Your customers will want to return to your store, as their experience will be exciting and fun.  They can even share the AR 3D models with friends and family, so they can view them in their own space.  Being able to see what they are buying in great detail is a perfect way to ensure customers are getting exactly what they want.  This in turn will reduce disappointments and costly returns.

The Augmented Reality technology is rapidly developing and now is the perfect time for your business to get on board with AR Quick Look.  Be at the forefront of these exciting e-commerce developments, the future is NOW!

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