Web browser based augmented reality

Now there’s an even easier way to experience Augmented Reality – directly in your mobile device browser – There is no need to download a seperate app – everything works directly in the browser for almost instant AR experiences.  

It’s so easy to use, just open your mobile device camera and scan the unique QR code on the printed page, product or even screen.  This will take you to the WEB AR based technology and you can view the experience almost immediately.

Perfect for experiences that you want your customer to be able to access very quickly – with no fussing about downloading a supporting app!  Great uses are in Business Cards, Banners, Posters, Greeting Cards, Magazines, and most print based designs.  Even works on product packaging, books, t-shirts, art, promotional items and more!

p.s. You can also still download the standalone ‘Zappar’ app if you wish, this works by scanning the special ZapCode that you will seen on the product/page/screen.

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